Looking To APAC The Difference Group Partners With N-Strategy Consulting Services

Helping Asian startups and scale-ups access European Markets and enabling bullish European firms to get a foothold in the economies of the future.

Published August 18, 2021

APAC Set For Domination

While COVID has delivered a heavy blow to European and American markets, APAC economies have faired much better, creating the perfect environment for economic expansion.

According to an EulerHermes report, China will bounce back with 8.2% economic growth in 2021 and, per year, will grow at a pace 2.5 times faster than the average for 2015-19.

As a result, China will become the world’s biggest economy two years earlier than expected. Other APAC nations will fair well too. Before the pandemic, Australia, hadn’t been in a recession for 30 years, and countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand have not seen the severe economic impact that we’ve seen as a result of COVID in the West.

“This partnership gives startups and scale-ups in the UK and Europe the ability to access the economies of the future.”

Nathanael Noiraud

Founder at N Strategy Consulting

Internationally operating Western companies should look to APAC to expand revenues, take first-mover advantage and gain critical local / regional know how. Historically, Asian companies haven’t invested enough in R&D; this presents a massive opportunity for western companies to leverage their knowledge, expertise and IP to capture market share before local/regional players or other western players move in.

Western Ecosystems

Think of technology hubs in the UK, USA and Europe powered by the best and brightest talent from the world’s elite universities. The West has perfected how to deliver high-tech & manufacturing ecosystems like Silicon Roundabout, the UK’s technology hub, or The Golden Triangle, an area between Oxford University, Cambridge University, and London Universities (LSE, UCL & Imperial ) which has created an ecosystem that boasts over 50+ unicorns within the triangle.

If you’re an Asian startup, scale-up or tech SME looking for talent, customers with budget and access to finance sources; Investing in London, the UK, and Europe can give you everything you need for your high-tech business to thrive.

The Difference Group

The Difference Group has partnered with N-Strategy Consulting Services’ to help its clients build partnerships in European markets. This partnership allows The Difference to support high growth European startups, scale-ups and tech SMEs looking to enter Asia-Pacific markets successfully by reducing barriers to entry, testing buyers appetite and building local / regional infrastructure to scale sustainably.

N-Strategy Consulting Services

N-Strategy Consulting Services enables, accelerates and invests in Asia-Pacific startups, scale-ups and Tech SMEs. With a focus on disruptive sectors including Artificial Intelligence, Education Technologies (Neurosciences & cognitive Tech), HealthTech, Smart City, GreenTech, FinTech, Cyber, FinTech, AdTech and more.


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