Account-Based Everything, ABX or ABE what is it

Account-Based Everything, ABX or ABE, what is it?

31st December 2022

Account-Based Everything or ABX combines marketing, sales development, and customer success teams to drive personalised engagements throughout the customer lifecycle. Creating experiences that add value, improve trust and drive revenue.

Account Based Everything Fundamentals
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Account-Based Fundamentals

ABM is a business marketing strategy that focuses resources on specific target accounts within a market. It uses personalized campaigns designed to engage each account, basing the marketing message on the account’s specific attributes and needs, aiming to target, influence and convince decision-makers and budget holding.

Account-based selling, also known as account-based sales or hyper-segmented sales, is a strategic sales model in which the sale of goods or services to narrow segments of the target audience or specific decision-makers.

Account-based marketing, also known as key account marketing, is a strategic approach to business marketing that aims to increase the company’s visibility to a specific company. The organization considers and communicates with individual high-profile prospects or customer accounts as markets of one.

Customer Success Model. A customer success model outlines how a company will engage with consumers throughout their customer journey. It accounts for reactive and proactive functions performed by service and support teams, ensuring customers get the most from the product or service. This is especially important during the trial period and should be used to support the sales and product teams to influence product roadmaps.

Using Account-Based Everything To Close Enterprise Accounts
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Using Account-Based Everything To Close Enterprise Accounts

Closing enterprise accounts is a massive challenge.

They require careful hand-holding throughout the sales process and a significant investment from all departments, whether senior leadership, sales, marketing, or customer success.

By aligning ABM / account-based everything teams under the Revenue Team and using highly targeted intent data, you can streamline the process to ensure engagements have the highest chance of success.

Intent data can accelerate the understanding of your target accounts. You can influence and engage stakeholders at the right time by identifying their current business initiatives. Then, you have all the signals to sculpt the perfect pitch, messaging, and product roadmap to close the enterprise deal.

How can the Difference Group help?

Do you have your Total Addressable Market in your CRM or Salesforce? Do you need to prioritize the accounts that are most likely to close? This is a challenge for all Account-Based Everything and ABM teams. Using intent data, you can empower sales, marketing and customer success teams with the data sets to focus on the accounts with the highest level of intent.

The Difference can engage key accounts when industry intent/buying signals are present — sales, marketing, and customer success teams can then activate.

Without using intent data, reps may bombard accounts with no intent to buy and burn potential opportunities further down the line — reps doing outbound sales activity for activity’s sake.

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