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Alex Lawford INterview

Our founder Alex Lawford gets interviewed on The Enterprising Gen Z podcast. Where he discuses a range of topics from creating and implementing an SEO strategy and how engaging strategy, marketing, sales and product teams to create more of those ahaaaah! moments.


What is The Enterprising Gen Z Podcast

The Enterprising Gen Z podcast is all about getting young people involves in business. On the show we talk to some of the top business minds from around the world, who share their personal stories and give advice on how you can become a successful entrepreneur.

What We discus On The Podcast

Unlock the power of Content

How to make the content you create work harder. How a podcast can be transformed into many different types of content.

finding Your Niche

Finding your niche, that will unlock low hanging fruit and using early conversations to drive product decisions.

Top Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Sharing tips for young entrepreneurs to build the strong foundations that increase the likelihood of success in business.

Who IS The Host Sam Watson?

Sam Watson is 18 year old entrepreneur from North London; he’s fascinated by success. He is Business Development Manager and Co-Owner of wing – contactless business cards and the Founder and CEO of The Enterprising GenZ podcast to help young people learn from successful entrepreneurs and those who are on the road to success.

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Josh Cliffords Founder Freewater

Josh Cliffords, Founder of Freewater

Will everything be free in the future

Edward Lawrence CEO and Founder of Venture house Club

 Edward Lawrence Founder Venture house Club

How can entrepreneurs improve their personal branding?

Sina Sadrzadeh, Head of Growth at myNFT and CEO and Co-Founder of Wing

Sina Sadrzadeh, CEO and Co-Founder of Wing

What is an NFT and how can you get involved?

Tim Hayden, CEO and Founder of Hagley West

Tim Hayden, CEO and Founder of Hagley West

Why do you need TikTok for your business?