Hypertype – AI Powered Email Responses

26th March 2023

In the age of digital communication, the written word is now easier to generate, smarter in the right hands and will unlock unfathomable value for entrepreneurs / businesses willing to adopt these rapidly advancing technologies. From email marketing, blog posts and social media plans, every message we send in the future could’ve been adapted or had some input from one or many AI systems. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Hypertype is? how it works? and why it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest AI trends in digital writing. Helping businesses connect better using knowledge hubs to drive better and more informed email writing!

So buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the world of Hypertype!

How Does Hypertype work?

Created by founders, Beatrice Baltscheffsky & Teenie Fung. Hypertype looks to help take the ughhhhh out of email. Hypertype, learns, and helps businesses and their teams build knowledge around what business do and how you ‘make the difference’. Here are the two core ways the app works:

The first is a neural network that learns from your past responses and uses them to predict what you might say next.

The second is a language model, which uses those predictions to generate text based on what it thinks would be most likely for someone in your position (based on their previous email responses).

How Hypertype Can Help Your Business?

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced response time
  • Faster onboarding of sales reps, AM’s and customer service teams
Hypertype Increases Productivity

Writing emails can be a chore very few people enjoy writing them and they take a large portion of your day. Especially the higher up the ladder you get… imagine if you could compile and send your emails in half the time. F**k yes!

Improves Customer Service

What’s the response I should give for this? What’s the optus memorandi for this request? Within Hypertype businesses stores a knowledge base of all your ‘cached responses’ similar to how Hubspot allows you to create, cache and store cached responses; But super charged with AI.

Reduces Rep Response Times

The faster your reps respond the more likely they are to win the business, retain the customer or build the all important relationship. Hypertype gives reps no excuse to respond in the nick of time, but as soon as issues / challenges arise.

Faster Onboarding Of Sales Reps, Account Managers and Customer Service Reps

Every challenge, objection, problem, pricing query is stored in one centralised ‘hyberbrain’ so reps can learn, adapt and more importantly respond faster. They can learn on the job and get realtime, on the job training.

Different Hypertype Products?

Hyperbrain – An AI-powered engine to fetch you the most relevant information from your emails and documents. Real-time.

FAQ Library – Create a compiled library of cached responses but driven through AI. Similar to how Hubspot allows you to create and store responses, Hypertype take this concept and unleashes it’s potential but driven by AI. It also reads suggests responses outside the database for of their customers. For every 40,000 historical email sent, Hypertype found an average of 2,000 Q&A sets.

Hypertype Alternatives?


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