Sidekick Browser Features - ADHD Hack

Sidekick Browser – ADHD Productivity Hack

2nd April 2023

Sidekick Browser 3.0 is the first productivity browser for online professionals who want to get focused and value their time. Modern browsers are designed to distract, firing continuous ads, ping, dings and dongs (take LinkedIn’s new plethora of sounds to keep you hooked). Sidekick is on a mission to help you take control of your browser and give you ownership of your workspace in the ever growing battle for your attention.

Previous versions of the Sidekick browser have been focused on functionality and use cases. Sidekick browser 3.0 is the first version dedicated to concentration. Following a sleuth of emails to Dmitry Pushkarev;hundreds of super-fans reached out to say how Sidekick was secretly helping them overcome their challenges with ADHD – based on this feedback Sidekick focused on making their browser the ultimate productivity tool for people with ADHD and other neurodiverse conditions.

Globally about 500 million people suffer from ADHD; who are all calling out for a focus-honed solution for them would benefit them, as distractions on the Internet are a universal problem.

Browsers were built for browsing and monetising your attention, not for work. That’s why Sidekick has now set its mission to reinvent them.

Productivity Features of Sidekick Browser 3.0

In their latest version; Sidekick Browser 3.0, includes the following features:

1. No ads within your eyesight is key to productive online work and coping with ADHD. In-built Adblock 2.0 solves this problem so easily that you don’t really need a Premium subscription to watch Youtube ad-free.

2. Youtube, by the way, is a distraction too. Keeping media and social platforms aside during your workday is a must. Distraction blocker helps create this healthy habit by redirecting you back to your task lists or inbox.

3. If that’s still not enough, mute all notifications and run the Full-Screen focus mode which hides tabs and layout elements and helps you focus on the important. Enter the zero-distraction zone.

4. Focusing is one thing, and recalling is another. People tend to forget things. Our user-friendly Task manager is built to alleviate anxiety around your daily goals. Now you can pin a task to your desktop as a sticky note and run a Pomodoro timer to manage your work/rest cycles more effectively.

5. Organising your workplace properly is now much easier with Collections, a powerful tool for documents and bookmarks. Use them to create a knowledge base that’s always with you. Share it with friends and colleagues.

Other novelties include not-so-visible but really cool upgrades in the UX, Split-View and other layout elements. Also grey mode, which means when you get notifications from other apps you are not tempted to click.

Here are some of the very handy shortcuts that the Sidekick team has created:

Shortcuts In Sidekick Browser 3.0

I’ve been using the Sidekick app for just over a week now. The improvement in my focus and my ability to get tasks delivered has improved dramatically. Saving me form the surge of ads and notifications.

🧘 helped me align my workflows across all my core tools; SEMrush, Hubspot, WordPress, Open AI,, WhatsApp, Trello, Akiflow, Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams and more.

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