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Top Sales & Entrepreneur Communities In London

18th April 2023

London is home to some of the most vibrant and dynamic sales / entrepreneurial talent in the world.

Whether you are a tech entrepreneur, sales professional, or simply someone looking to expand your network and connect with like-minded individuals, there are a number of exciting communities that you might like to join to build your network in London, create new real-life partnerships and make some friends in the process.

In this blog post, we will be taking a closer look at four of the best network communities in London.

  1. London Tech Drinks
    London Tech Drinks is a popular networking event that takes place every month in London. The event is free to attend and attracts a diverse crowd of tech professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts. London Tech Drinks provides an opportunity to connect with people from various sectors of the tech industry, share ideas, and build relationships.
  2. London Connector
    London Connector is a community of ambitious professionals who are passionate about connecting with other like-minded individuals to build relationships, exchange knowledge, and create opportunities. The community organises various events, including networking events, workshops, and talks. Members of the community are encouraged to be active participants and contribute to the community’s growth and development. (been to one event – £40k in revenue)
  3. Sales Confidence
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    Sales Confidence is a network community dedicated to helping sales professionals improve their skills, connect with others in the industry, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in sales. The community hosts various events throughout the year, including talks, workshops, and conferences, and provides a wealth of resources and training materials to its members.
  4. SaaStock
    SaaStock is a community of SaaS (Software as a Service) professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. The community organizes various events and conferences throughout the year, bringing together experts from the SaaS industry to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences. SaaStock is a great place to meet potential customers, partners, investors, and mentors, and to learn about the latest trends and best practices in the SaaS industry.

Whether you are a tech entrepreneur looking to network with investors and other entrepreneurs, a sales professional seeking to improve your skills and connect with others in the industry, or someone simply looking to expand your network and meet like-minded individuals, London has a variety of network communities to suit your needs. These communities provide a great opportunity to connect with others, learn new things, and grow both personally and professionally.

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