Why Don't Journalists Add Links To My Website?

Why Don’t Journalists Add Website Links In Articles?

3rd October 2021

The art of PR is more than crafting the messages you want to communicate. It’s targeting the journalists and publications where you want your message to appear.  It’s writing interesting press releases, having positive relationships with journalists and media titles. It’s offering relevant, valuable information and insights. Do all of these and you will receive regular, high-value editorial coverage. 

We often get asked at The Difference, can you guarantee coverage with links? Ultimately, it is in the hands of the journalist to decide whether to include any links in their article. However, at The Difference, we often see links to our clients’ websites, reports etc. in the coverage we achieve.

That said, the highest level titles (e.g. WSJ, Financial Times, TechCrunch, Bloomberg & The New York Times) do not often include links. This is because journalists need to be very careful, walking the line between journalism and promoting a company for free.

PR coverage has three times the influence of an ad. Why?

  1. The reader receives the message from an independent third-party
  2. The reader inherently trusts the journalist and media title

In conclusion, a good communications campaign is about more than getting links in articles. It is fundamentally about building awareness, reputation and company value.


Alex Lawford

I unlock the potential of your SME, startup or scale-up; building and scaling brands. I work directly with founders, CEOs and senior leadership teams to craft strategies, implement marketing and unlock opportunities utilising technology.

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