LIV Smart Home & Business

Client Background

Liv Technology is a leading smart home and business technology installer with a presence in London, Los Angeles, and New York. They have been providing cutting-edge technology solutions to their clients for many years and have established a strong reputation for their expertise and commitment to quality.

Liv Technology Old Website View

The Difference Delivered

The Difference collaborated closely with Liv Technology to understand their needs and develop a comprehensive plan to address their challenges. The first step was to overhaul their sitemap to ensure a clear and intuitive navigation structure that would enable visitors to quickly and easily find the information they needed.

Next, we created highly customisable and scalable service pages that accurately represented the full range of Liv Technology’s services including smart home, smart business & marine. These pages were designed to showcase the different types of technology solutions Liv Technology provides and their unique value propositions. The service pages included clear calls-to-action that would encourage visitors to take the next step in purchasing.

In addition to the website build, The Difference created a brand glossary for Liv Technology. This glossary defined the terminology and key messaging used consistently throughout the website and all other marketing materials. The brand glossary ensured that Liv Technology’s brand identity and messaging would be consistent across all channels, which would help establish a stronger brand presence and increase brand recognition.

Finally, we created a new clean layout, UX, and UI that enhanced the overall user experience. The design was modern, easy to navigate, and optimised for mobile devices. We also implemented best practices for website performance, ensuring fast load times and a seamless user experience.

Liv Client Results

Liv Technology’s new website has been a resounding success. The new sitemap, service pages, brand glossary, and design have significantly improved the overall user experience, resulting in increased engagement and time on-site. The clear calls-to-action on the service pages have led to increased lead generation and conversion rates.

The highly customisable and scalable service pages have enabled Liv Technology to showcase its services more effectively and resulted in a better understanding of its technology solutions. Additionally, the modern, clean design has enhanced Liv Technology’s brand image, positioning them as a leading smart home and business technology installer.

Liv Conclusion

The new website build for Liv Technology has been a major success, resulting in increased engagement, lead generation, and conversion rates. By overhauling their sitemap, creating highly customisable and scalable service pages, implementing a brand glossary, and implementing a new clean layout, UX, and UI, we were able to create a website that accurately represents Liv Technology’s brand and the scope of their services. The new website has helped position Liv Technology as a leader in the smart home and business technology industry, and we’ve been enlisted to assist in the next phase of development.

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