SaaS Marketing Agency, Strategy & Sales Enablement

Specialist SaaS marketing agency, sales enablement, and strategy consulting. The understand that the B2B SaaS industry is constantly evolving, and businesses need to adapt and innovate to stay competitive. At The Difference, we help our B2B SaaS clients succeed by developing customised solutions tailored to their unique needs.

B2b SaaS Digital Strategy

The Difference can create a solid digital strategy, that will enable your B2B SaaS company to reach a broader audience, engage with customers in new and innovative ways, win new business faster and gain a competitive advantage in the SaaS industry sector you operate in.

B2B Saas Marketing Agency

Difference SaaS Marketing experts deliver a range of services to help businesses in B2B SaaS reach their target audience and achieve their goals. These services typically include marketing, social media, content marketing, website development, and conversion rate optimisation.

B2B SaaS Marketing Agency Services

B2b SaaS Content Marketing

B2b SaaS SeO

B2b SaaS Websites

B2b SaaS Email Marketing

B2B SaaS CRM Management

B2B SaaS Paid Ads

B2b SaaS Public Relations

B2B SaaS Landing pages

B2b SaaS Asset design

B2b SaaS Guest Posting

B2b SaaS marketing Strategy

B2b SaaS Lead Generation

B2B SaaS Sales Enablement

You’re going to need a bigger gong!

B2B Sales Enablement Difference makers collaborate with your team to improve sales processes and increase revenue. This is typically achieved by using various tools and tactics to make the sales process more efficient, effective, and personalised; Our team integrate the tools that will enable scale.



Salesbolt surfaces Salesforce data alongside LinkedIn profiles allowing you to create and capture new leads or update Salesforce in seconds.

  • 30% increase in SEO traffic over 3 month period
  • Advising founder on growth strategy

Fractional Leadership in SaaS


Scalewise helps companies looking to hire fractional leaders in strategy, sales, CRO, operations and marketing. They enable businesses to leverage the experience of trusted and experienced leaders or ‘scale experts’.

  • 350% Increase in organic traffic in 12-months
  • 300% Increase in sector report downloads
  • Doubled inbound leads after month one

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What The Difference Group Delivers

Collaborating with ambitious, hungry and fast paced clients; The Difference deploys difference makers into your business to unlock hidden value for founders, investors, customers, prospects and wider stakeholders.

Enabling scale through the creation, development and iteration of strategies that match short, medium and longterm goals and aspirations.

GTM Planning

Product Strategy

Marketing Strategy

PR & Comms Strategy

Create marketing campaigns that hit the mark. Find new markets, customers and audiences. Building meaningful customer experiences.

Having a sales team is great. But having a high-performing sales team is better. Unlock sales excellence within each individual contributor.

Sales Onboarding

Cadence Planning

Sales Playbooks

CRM Integration