Powerful B2B Program Designed To Enable Scale

We help B2B businesses unlock their potential; we’ve created a 3 month scale program that help sales, marketing and operations teams achieve and on deliver revenue Targets.

Welcome to the B2B Scale Program

The B2B Scale Program takes the combined learning of over 100 client engagements. Every client, prospect and lead we’ve engaged with have similar challenges when starting out on their scaling journey. We’ve put together a comprehensive toolkit to drive revenue, win new business and scale up.

Month One

The Alignment

We look to align ourselves with your business. Understanding the pains, what works and how we can help source better leads.

Month Two

The Growth

Create a personalised growth engine. Bridging the knowledge gap between sales, marketing and operations.

Month Three

The Scale

Use best practise advertising methodologies to create campaigns that help prospects make the right decision.

Craig Maxwell



Highly recommend working with The Difference Group!

The team was able to break down a reasonably extensive rebranding and website project into clear, concise deliverables. As a result, within 3-months we’ve already started to see the results of our new strategy as anticipated.”

What’s In The Program?

For startups and scale ups the biggest challenge is finding the right skills to help you grow. At The Difference we’ve helped hundreds of companies over the years launch and scale businesses. We’ve put together the toolkit that can help you scale.

Digital B2B Sales Funnel

We create digital sales funnels to help prospects make faster decisions. Giving them the information that builds confidence and buy-in.

Building Sales Funnels
Creating Meaningful Experiences

Email Automation

We deploy email automation campaigns that help convince clients, customers and partners that you’re the partner to collaborate with.

Drip Campaigns
Segmentation to Increase Conversion

Content Marketing

We collaborate with your team to understand your business and the challenges that your clients face. Creating a content marketing campaigns that showcase your expertise.

Deep Dive On SEO Data
Create A Content Marketing Strategy

SEO & Digital

Our digital experts are on hand to help you and your team make incredible experiences for your stakeholders.

SEO & Digital Audit
SEO & Digital Recommendations

Social Media Implementation

We do a 360 review of your brand, working with your team we put together a social media plan that gets your brand out to the people that matter.

Topline Social Media Strategy & Assets
Social Media Implementation (3 posts / week / 3 platforms)
James Ski


Sales Confidence

The Difference Group works fast and delivers. It’s as simple as that!

What makes The Difference exceptional is their ability to support you in crafting your long term vision to ensure the decisions you make today are moving you towards your goals.

“After the first month of our collaboration, inbound lead generation increased threefold.”

Jo Goodson

Managing Director

HampleTon Partners

Speak with Our Team

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GTM Market Planning
Product Strategy
Marketing Strategy
PR & Comms Strategy

Sales Enablement

Sales Onboarding
Cadence Planning
Sales Playbooks
Cultivate integrated markets


SEO Agency
Content Marketing Agency
PR Agency
CRO Agency
Can I work with The Difference Group?

We’re not restricted to just the UK, nor is our expertise confined to just one industry. No matter what your needs are, we can help you reach your audiences, no matter where they might be. We know how to plan and execute marketing campaigns, help sales teams hit target and bring in all important leads.

How long has The Difference Group been AN Agency FOr?

A new player in the industry, The Difference Group was founded in 2020 with a very clear mission and even clearer values. We wanted to create a company that could compete with the industry’s giants, but we knew that we wouldn’t be able to do that with the same old solutions. We’ve created a highly flexible solution for clients to take advantage of the strategy, sales and marketing knowledge locked in our team.

What makes us different from Other marketing agencies?

Our core values make us different. Our aim is to embed ourselves into your team, understand your business and the biggest challenges that you need help solving. We look to solve the biggest challenges that represent a massive difference to your objectives and your bottom line.

How Long are partnerships?

Over the past 12 months we’ve had 100% retention rate of out clients. The Difference standard terms are 3-6 months, this ensures we have enough time to deliver the best results by creating an account plan that’s focused on your objectives and that’s 100% personalised around your and your teams’ specific needs.

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