Marketplace Scale Program

The Difference is your marketplace partner for overcoming toughest supply, demand & operational challenges.

The Difference Marketplace Scale Program

The Marketplace Scale Program takes the combined learning of over 100 client engagements. Every client engaged had similar marketplace challenges, so we’ve put together a comprehensive program that solve marketplace demand and supply side problems.

Demand Side

What’s in it for the customer?

We look to align ourselves with your business. Understanding the pains, what works and how we can help source better leads.

Supply Side

What’s in it for the supplier?

Create a personalised growth engine. Bridging the knowledge gap between sales, marketing and operations.

Biz Objectives

What’s in it for the business?

Use best practise advertising methodologies to create campaigns that help prospects make the right decision.

Craig Maxwell



Highly recommend working with The Difference Group!

The team was able to break down a reasonably extensive rebranding and website project into clear, concise deliverables. As a result, within 3-months we’ve already started to see the results of our new strategy as anticipated.”

What’s In The Marketplace Scale Program?

For marketplaces, finding the perfect balance between supply and demand is critical to ensuring success.

Review Your Marketplace Model

Understanding how your marketplace operates, getting to grips with your data sets and understanding knowledge gaps.

Review Marketplace Supply

Understanding the makeup of your supply; whether it’s dogs, cat, rabbits or property. This program looks to help you find more of whatever makes your marketplace tick.

Review Marketplace Demand

Are you in need of customers? The Difference team gives you the toolkit to find new customers for your marketplace.

Test Marketplace Hypothesis

Testing is done on a small scale to ensure our strategies deliver results for your marketplace.

Create Marketplace Scaling Plan

The Difference execute a scaling plan that delivers results based on the tests conducted. Our automation experts look to streamline processes to make

James Ski


Sales Confidence

The Difference Group works fast and delivers. It’s as simple as that!

What makes The Difference exceptional is their ability to support you in crafting your long term vision to ensure the decisions you make today are moving you towards your goals.

“After the first month of our collaboration, inbound lead generation increased threefold.”

Jo Goodson

Managing Director

HampleTon Partners

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What The Difference Group Delivers

Collaborating with ambitious, hungry and fast paced clients; The Difference deploys difference makers into your business to unlock hidden value for founders, investors, customers, prospects and wider stakeholders.

Enabling scale through the creation, development and iteration of strategies that match short, medium and longterm goals and aspirations.

GTM Planning

Product Strategy

Marketing Strategy

PR & Comms Strategy

Create marketing campaigns that hit the mark. Find new markets, customers and audiences. Building meaningful customer experiences.

Having a sales team is great. But having a high-performing sales team is better. Unlock sales excellence within each individual contributor.

Sales Onboarding

Cadence Planning

Sales Playbooks

CRM Integration