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London Based B2B Marketing Agency helping B2B businesses find product market fit, new customers and improve retention.

  • Create communities
  • Increase lead generation
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Difference Marketing Agency London

Why hire The Difference Marketing Agency?

A Different approach To Marketing

Delving deep we look to understand what makes you different in your market. Talking to different stakeholders to unlock the keys to your current and future success. Finding your difference is critical to the success of any successful marketing campaign.

Build Marketing Strategies

Generate High Value Leads

Create Experiences That Engage

Drive Meaningful Conversations


DIfference Marketing Delivers

Content Marketing Agency.

Create marketing content that drives engagement and customer buy-in across channels

SeO Agency.

Build products, websites, pages and content that scales on search engines and social platforms.

Website Development Agency.

Build websites that unlock business potential and showcases how you deliver for your stakeholders.

Public Relations Agency.


Never get asked these questions again.

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Increase in Inbound Leads

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Hampleton Partners

M&A Report Downloads Growth

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IPT Staffing

Recruitment Site Growth

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Launched Sales Confidence

World’s Fastest growing sales community.

Your Marketing Difference Makers

At The Difference, our team of marketing difference makers are experts in delivering results that deliver a meaningful impact on your business. The Difference offers a range of services, including marketing fractional leadership, marketing coaching and marketing delivery.

Alex Lawford The DIfference Group

Marketing & Strategy Lead

Extensive experience consulting with leadership teams to deliver marketing, products and leads.

Sean Westwood The Difference Group Marketplace Expert

Ecommerce & Marketplaces Lead

Solving supply and demand challenges for marketplaces in UK, Europe and Australia.

Craig Maxwell SaaS Expert SalesBolt

B2B GTM Lead

Integrating ABM & sales processes that empower your sales teams to hit targets!

Jane Henry PR Expert

Jane Henry

PR Lead

Award-winning strategic marketing and communications expert for scale-up & listed companies.

What The Difference Group Delivers

Collaborating with ambitious, hungry and fast paced clients; The Difference deploys difference makers into your business to unlock hidden value for founders, investors, customers, prospects and wider stakeholders.

Enabling scale through the creation, development and iteration of strategies that match short, medium and longterm goals and aspirations.

GTM Planning

Product Strategy

Marketing Strategy

PR & Comms Strategy

Create marketing campaigns that hit the mark. Find new markets, customers and audiences. Building meaningful customer experiences.

Having a sales team is great. But having a high-performing sales team is better. Unlock sales excellence within each individual contributor.

Sales Onboarding

Cadence Planning

Sales Playbooks

CRM Integration