Make sales enablement critical to growth

WhAT Is Sales Enablement

The creation of a set of assets and processes that help sales teams sell smarter and sell more. Implementing sales enablement within your team can improve the way sales and marketing teams collaborate together.

  • Helps sales team solve problems within sales funnel
  • Sales enablement is critical to closing bigger deals
  • Improves documentation of buyer pushbacks which can influence product roadmap.
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Why implement sales enablement in your business?

Helping sales answer buyer and prospect problems and understand pain points

Solve Prospect Problems

Define Customer Value

Build Scaleable Process

Sales Enablement Helping Sales Hit Targets

The Difference Sales Enablement

Your partner for the whole journey.

Supporting your team to solve the challenges that matter.

What is Sales Onboarding?

Sales team onboarding is the process designed to welcome, train, and engage new sales team members into an organisation. Sales onboarding covers everything a new rep or sales manager needs to excel in their new role.

What is Cadence Planning?

A cadence is a set of customer touch-points which are a required to establish a connection for an engagement with the goal of securing a deal.

What are Sales Playbooks?

Sales playbooks are all about capturing sales best practices and communicating them effectively with sales people. Allowing sales reps to manage objections and make the most of buying signals.

What is CRM INtegration & IMpementation?

Integrating Customer Relationship Management tech to improve team knowledge, decrease sales cycles, manage relationships and improve record keeping. Enabling your team to close bigger and better deals.

What The Difference Group Delivers

Collaborating with ambitious, hungry and fast paced clients; The Difference deploys difference makers into your business to unlock hidden value for founders, investors, customers, prospects and wider stakeholders.

Enabling scale through the creation, development and iteration of strategies that match short, medium and longterm goals and aspirations.

GTM Planning

Product Strategy

Marketing Strategy

PR & Comms Strategy

Create marketing campaigns that hit the mark. Find new markets, customers and audiences. Building meaningful customer experiences.

PR Agency

CRO Agency

Having a sales team is great. But having a high-performing sales team is better. Unlock sales excellence within each individual contributor.

Sales Onboarding

Cadence Planning

Sales Playbooks

CRM Integration