Strategy Consulting

Delivering strategy to guide, scale and bridge the knowledge gap between product, marketing and sales.


We work with you to spot new and emerging trends that can help you thrive in a world that is changing rapidly.

Strategic Problem Solving


We collaborate with senior leadership teams to plan a path success with strategies for the short, medium and longterm.


We create campaigns that help you achieve your strategic ambitions. Delivering campaigns that make the difference.


Strategy Consulting Experts

Marketing Strategy

The Difference helps you solve critical strategic problems within your business, creating a roadmap to success.

Digital Strategy

We make the difference to your digital channels unlocking their potential, creating scale and delivering ROI.

Go-To-marketing Strategy

Going global isn’t easy otherwise everyone would do it. We help you launch into new marketing on a regional, national and global level.

Product Development Strategy

Got a roadmap, not got a roadmap. In need of some creative minds to drive innovation. We can make the difference to your product.

Sales Strategy

Looking to find a way to inspire your sales team, we help sales team deliver growth with data, AI and enablement tools.

Startup Strategy

Looking for outside council? Looking to raise money. The Difference provides founders with powerful strategic consulting to enable scale.

Startup Consulting

Scale-up Consulting

Corporate Consulting

Wingman For FOunders

Providing support to help founders on the journey from startup to scale-up.

Startup Consulting

Scale-up Consulting

Corporate Consulting

Getting Your Groove On

We’re your karaoke partner. Supporting the team create, build and scale. Let’s make some noise

Startup Consulting

Scale-up Consulting

Corporate Consulting

Getting suited and Booted

We inject creativity into corporate teams. We make The Difference through bringing a fresh approach to problem solving.


Marketing Strategy

Whether you are looking to develop your online or offline presence, our team has experience creating marketing strategies for a wide range of businesses.

We work alongside business units to create succinct marketing strategies. Enabling marketing teams to find higher value leads for sales teams that help business leaders and founders hit ambitious targets and goals. 

Digital Strategy

Delivering marketing without a clear digital strategy is almost impossible in the modern world. The difference helps you create and innovate, building digital experiences for customers, leads and stakeholders. 

Creating a solid and evolving digital strategy will keep your team innovating for the short, medium and long term. Creating digital campaigns that make a difference.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Are you looking to launch in a new market?  We collaborate with key strategic partners worldwide who have local knowledge and can deploy effective go-to-market strategies for your business. So whether you’re looking to enter Europe, North America, China, or Southeast Asia, our team and partners can use local knowledge to help you set up in your desired region and test the market before investing. 

Product Development Strategy

We’re product people; continuously thinking of new ways we can make solutions better. We love helping clients innovate and create product strategies that guild, inform and educate. The Difference Team has worked in wide range of technology businesses so understand what builds retention, increases sign-ups, and drives revenue. 

Sales Strategy

Creating sales strategies can often be difficult, primarily because sales teams are now often collaborating remotely.

We create sales strategies enable sales teams to win new business and improve retention by improving client onboarding. We help teams adopt new technologies that empower sales teams to perform at their best, giving them the latest in AI and NLP technologies to learn, do more and close deals faster. 

Startup + Scaleup Strategy Consulting

Creating a start-up without creating a strategy is a terrible idea. Unlock the potential of your startup; understand the market you operate in, have a clear vision of your product roadmap and keep a close eye on your competitors. The Difference Strategy acts as advisors, mentors and enablers. Help you and your teams go from startup to scale-up.

What does a Strategy consultant do?

A strategy consultant helps businesses understand weaknesses and enable you to unlock potential hidden within your organisation. The Difference offers outside counsel on the challenges you are facing now and in the future. Have a chat with one of our team and see how we can make a difference.

Why should you hire A Strategy COnsultant?

Strategy consultants give your team external opinions and strategic input around critical challenges you are facing today and help you prepare for the future. Working with The Difference, we take a long-term approach and work with you to understand your business, key blockages and help you overcome the critical issues you face.

Who does the difference consult for?

We work alongside founders, directors, and departmental heads to give them the support, transfer knowledge, and provide valuable outside counsel that empowers decision-making, drives profitability and delivers results.

Our consultancy experience ranges from corporates, startups, scale-ups and SME’s. 

How much does it cost?

Every project is slightly different. The difference supports a wide range of clients in a number different ways based on length of contracts, size of business and the challenge of the task at hand.

Tell Us About Your Project

We look forward to making The Difference to Your Business

How We Make The Difference

We understand the challenges that executives and founders face. We create strategies, provide executional know-how and help you foster innovation internally.

We make the difference. By collaborating together to create meaningful strategies that enable you to expand and scale.

We make the difference. By providing you and your team with valuable marketing, strategy and technology resources.

We make the difference. By working with your team to unlock creativity, improve ideation and unlock growth opportunities.

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