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Alexander Lawford

Founder @ The Difference Group

Welcome, I'm the founder of The Difference Group.

We unlock the potential of SMEs, startups or scale-ups; building and scaling brands. We work directly with founders, CEOs and senior leadership teams to craft strategies, implement marketing and unlock opportunities utilising technology.

We've collaborated with some of the most exciting startups and scale-ups in Europe. Enabling us to learn, discover and educate ourselves about technology, eCommerce, IoT, payments, SaaS, marketing and sales.

For businesses, we collaborate with you immersing The Difference Group in your organisation, crafting ideas, scoping products, and developing strategies that will help you win new customers and build your brand presence.

Recent Articles By Alexander Lawford

B2B Marketing Sales Funnel
How to deliver a B2B Marketing Funnel?
When your B2B SaaS sales and marketing funnel work harmoniously, companies see tangible results and find traction and market position.

By Alexander Lawford on October 10, 2021

Why Don't Journalists Add Links To My Website?
Why Don’t Journalists Add Website Links In Articles?
We often get asked at The Difference, can you guarantee coverage with links? The short answer is no. But we help increase the likelihood of securing that all important backlink.

By Alexander Lawford on October 3, 2021

CIoT Consumer Internet of Technology
CIoT –┬áThe Next Frontier In Consumer Technology
Globally there are billions of CIoT devices. Find out who is set to win, the impact of 5G and the challenges for the CIoT Industry.

By Alexander Lawford on September 29, 2021

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