How Can We Make The DIFFERENCE?

Unlocking the potential of startups, scale-ups and ambitious entrepreneurs.


Laying the strategic groundwork is critical to the success of any marketing campaign, sales initiative or business launch.


We can deliver your entire campaign from start to finish or can help you bridge a specific gap in your marketing.

Concept Licencing

If you’re an exited entrepreneur in need of a project or a purpose. We’ve got a wide array of pre-scoped out concepts that you can roll with.

Making The Difference

We’ve helped our clients create, build and scale their businesses.

Scalewise Project - The Difference Group

UX / UI, Copywriting, Strategy


Scalewise came to The Difference Group with a number of challenges they needed help solving ahead of their launch in July 2021. We worked as an independent UX + UI advisors, helping them get the best value from their web design agency and delivered all the copy for the website.

Brand Launch, Website Design, Strategy

Sales Confidence

Founder and SaaS Sales Leader James Ski came to The Difference Group to launch his new SaaS sales community. We created campaigns including the Sales Confidence SaaS Sales Leader competition the first competition had 12,000 unique visits on the landing page launch with 0 ad-spend in 1 week.

Mindhackers Research Project

Research, Strategy, Web Design


Ahead of their launch Mindhackers needed assistance collating the best content from around the internet; covering spirituality, mindfulness, anxiety and more. We also aided the team with the creation of their prelaunch landing pages.

SEO, Website Design, Strategy

On Point Consulting

We updated Ruth Saunders’ website to help her secure new business during Coronavirus. We refreshed her existing site with new service pages and upgraded her articles pages.


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