B2B Strategy Consulting

Collaborating with founders and leadership teams, we look to solve your biggest problems, from marketing, sales, product and more.

We've collaborated with some of the fastest growing businesses in the UK and Europe delivering strategies for the medium & long-term.

B2b Strategy Consulting

Marketing Strategy

Business Strategy

Tech Strategy

GTM Strategy

B2b Business Strategy

Resource Strategy

Growth Strategy

Solution Mapping

Product Roadmap

B2b GTM Strategy

Expansion Strategy

Product Localisation Strategy

Value Proposiitons

B2B marketing Agency

Getting the word out. That's our mission. Creating meaningful experiences that customers love and that deliver results.

Delivering marketing campaigns that deliver the big picture... we also work on the little things that over time deliver big impact.

B2b Marketing Agency

SEO Agency

CRO Consulting

Website Development Agency

Content Marketing Agency

B2b Content Marketing

Blogs / Articles

Social Media

Copywriting Agency

Video Production

B2b CRM implementation

CRM Strategy

Hubspot / Zoho / Salesforce

Chatbot Logic

CRM Data Mapping

B2B Sales Enablement Agency

Got a sales team? need to boost performance? Sales Enablement helps give sales teams structure while also boosting performance.

Everyone, needs data and knowledge. Sales enablement give your sales team the insights, data points and more importantly the edge.

B2B Sales Strategy

CRM Strategy

GTM Strategy

Sales Technology Stack

Data Strategy

B2B Sales Playbooks

Sales Decks

Sales Cadences

Drip Email Campaigns

Sales Enablement Tools

B2B Sales Development

Sales Blogs / Articles

ICP Mapping

Buyer Needs Profiling

Sales Training

Innovation & Technology Consulting

Our Technology & Innovation team collaborate alongside your product, data and marketing teams to create systems and products that deliver.

Innovation, should be at the heart of any business; embracing technologies like CRM, ChatBots, Big Data and AI drive efficiency.

Tech Consulting

Product Strategy

Competitor Product Mapping

Technology Recommendations

Innovation Mapping Sessions



Website Development

Landing Pages

MVP Development

Website Platforms

WordPress Website Development

Wix Website Development

Duda Website Development

Custom Website Development

How We Collaborate With Clients

Flexablity helps drive creativity it also let's us plugin to your business with a relationship that works for your needs and budgets. Our difference makers collaborate with teams on a fractional leadership, advisory, full time contracting or agency model.

Fractional Leadership

Looking for someone who can help steer the ship around a specific business or technical challenge? We may have the difference maker for you.

Business Advisory

Collaborating directly with leadership we enable teams we advise on everything from business strategy, to hiring and innovation.

Full Time Contracting

Our team can act as full time team members on the ground to deliver, achieve and accelerate your mission. No matter what you are looking to achieve.

Traditional Agency Model

Collaborating on specific what we like to call 'missions' to achieve results looking to deliver a high value outcome or we can be on a traditional retainer.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where are the Team BAsed?

We're a distributed team across London, San Francisco, Dubai and Sydney. We enjoy collaborating together, get s**t done quickly and deliver results for clients; that's it.

Can I have more than One Difference Maker?

Difference Makers have been selected by our founder Alex Lawford; because he trusts them, has collaborated with each individually, within Different roles. They also are a good laugh at the pub; which is very important.

Do you guarantee Result for a project?

The short answer is no. Campaigns take a while to progress and if we are expected to deliver results immediately, it depends on the remit we have and the amount of time we have to make a difference. We've doubled inbound leads in two weeks; other projects have taken longer.

How long does it take to start a project with TDG?

How fast do you need to move? Sometimes, process can get in the way... but when you are ready to start we're ready to get going. Depending on difference maker availability.

What do you charge for your services?

Every difference maker is a specialist in their field; no standard rate-card applies to any specific project as every project is different and unique. Payment first invoice is upfront before work starts, then by Stripe recurring billing.

How do you process payments for international firms?

Payment first invoice is upfront before work starts, then by Stripe recurring billing; alternatively we use Swift.


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