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OBSS Website Case Study

OBSS - Open Business Software Solutions is Turkey's largest software development and tech consulting firm, with operations in London and Amsterdam. Collaborating with clients, OBSS manages, secures and upgrades the technology behind over 45 million personal and business bank accounts in Turkey alone.

OBSS Project Mission:

Improve website performance

Deliver case studies

Create assets for sales team

Website Results After three month engagement

+ 0 %

Increase In Page Views

- 0 %

Decrease In Page Load speed

+ 0 %

Pages Per Session

Improvement of OBSS Website

The first month and a half The Difference Group focused on improving the website performance across OBSS assets to deliver a better, faster and more engaging experience for prospects, clients and partners.

36% increase in page views

75% improvement in page speed

50% increase in views per SessionAPI "Plug and Play"

Delivery Of oBSS Case studies

The OBSS team had spent 2 years trying to solve the process of developing and creating high quality case studies at scale. The Difference Group were able to bring best practice web design and programmatic SEO content to the table.

wireframes for Design team to work Design from

Prepared FIrst 15 case studies

Implemented Software that reduced upload process by 80%

Generated New Business Opportunities

Introduced OBSS to my network of entrepreneurs and high-value clients. From these engagements TDG created new assets to support the OBSS sales function focused on solving clients real-world problems. The Difference Group booked multiple new business opportunities for the business including:

fast growth proptech business based in London

Top 3 global media agency worldwide

"The best sales deck I've seen at OBSS"

Saqib Rizvi - VP of Sales at OBSS

OBSS Acronym Branding Recommendation

This was done to help prospects in new markets understand what the OBSS acronym stood for. In Turkey, OBSS is the leading provider of technical and software consulting services but in the UK OBSS is starting it's brand journey from square one.

OBSS Open Business Software Solutions Logo Transparent

OBSS Linkedin Banner & profile Recommendations

Created an array of new LinkedIn profile banners for OBSS. Creating these looked to improve the brands LinkedIn presence.


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