Who are Our Difference Makers?

Alex Lawford

Founder & Head of Difference

Alex Lawford has a wide depth of experience across strategy, product marketing and sales.

Difference Superpower

Opportunity and Crisis Mapping

Sean Westwood

eCommerce & Marketplaces Lead

Sean Westwood is our designated Aussie. Sean is a marketplaces master supply, demand and ops.

Difference Superpower

Excel Wizardry

Craig Maxwell

Sales Enablement Lead

Craig Maxwell has got the knack of creating tools that scale and run with few to no overheads.

Difference Superpower

Building Tools That Scale

Sangam Panday

Solutions Architecture Lead

Sangam Panday is a cool cat under pressure. He’s an insane product owner and solutions architect.

Difference Superpower

Delivering the impossible

Rob Leech - Recruitment & Talent Lead

Rob Leech

Recruitment & Talent Lead

Rob Leech finds talent that make teams work, and dreams happen. He’s the man for talent in London.

Difference Superpower

Talent Spotting