Alex Lawford Strategy, Sales Enablement & Marketing Consultant



Alex Lawford is a marketing leader with experience across technology, mobile applications and financial services. Delivering on GTM Strategy via KEEPERR Method and content via SEO Content & More.

Alex is a marketing expert with proven experience delivering a complete marketing strategy from scratch. Starting with research, website development and ending with an all-round sales funnel implementation and CRM. 

Alex has delivered for Hampleton Partners, CatchApp, FieldworkHub, OBSS and more.

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How We Collaborate With Clients

Flexablity helps drive creativity it also let's us plugin to your business with a relationship that works for your needs and budgets. Our difference makers collaborate with teams on a fractional leadership, advisory, full time contracting or agency model.

Fractional Leadership

Looking for someone who can help steer the ship around a specific business or technical challenge? We may have the difference maker for you.

Business Advisory

Collaborating directly with leadership we enable teams we advise on everything from business strategy, to hiring and innovation.

Full Time Contracting

Our team can act as full time team members on the ground to deliver, achieve and accelerate your mission. No matter what you are looking to achieve.

Traditional Agency Model

Collaborating on specific what we like to call 'missions' to achieve results looking to deliver a high value outcome or we can be on a traditional retainer.


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The DIfference Group - Strategy consultancy

Working with you to deliver the strategies that help you make a bigger difference by hitting your growth, marketing and sales goals.

Your trusted SEO, Content & media production Difference Makers. Enabling you to get access to trusted and reliable seo and content talent.

Going to market is hard. The KEEPERR method sets down an easy to follow GTM process to achieve and deliver repeatable results no matter your sector.