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Fieldworkhub Website Upgrade

FieldworkHub is the fastest growing independent market research participant recruitment and project management agency in the UK. FieldworkHub delivers local, national and international market research services in the UK, Europe, US and beyond. Key FieldworkHub accounts include Meta, Google, Ipsos Mori, Amazon and many many more.

FieldworkHub Project Mission:

Increase lead generation

Deliver case studies

Improve website performance

Website Results After 20 month engagement

+ 0 %

Increase In Lead Generation

+ 0 %

Pages Per Session

- 0 %

improvement in Website speed

150 FieldworkHub Case studies

Delivered over 150 brand new actionable case studies for FieldworkHub. Created a brand new case study experience that increased pages per visit by 75% as users were able to book a meeting experience or discover more about the services FieldworkHub had to offer.

150 Case study pages

75% improvement in pages per visit

85% improvement in pages per visit % reduction in upload times

New FieldworkHub Homepage

Developed a modern looking homepage for FieldworkHub that helped and enabled the business to better explain what the business delivered for client, showcasing successes and drove improved quality traffic to website and dropped bounce rates by 20% overall.

20% Drop in Website bounce rates

Deep linked all core services delivered by Fieldworkhub

Google Maps Review Process and Recommendation

Recommended improving the customer testimonial processes internally. FieldworkHub is now always in the top 1 to 4 recommended vendors on Google Maps for all market research related keywords in London, UK and Europe. Which has yielded significant new business enquiries over the length of our collaboration and beyond.

50% increase in new business enquiries (during collaboration)

top 4 GOogle Map results for market Research & Participant recruitment keywords

"FieldworkHub is delighted with the results THE DIFFERENCE GROUP HAS achieved. I highly recommend The Difference Group; they surely make a “Difference”! "

Caroline Bates - Managing Director at Fieldworkhub


My first set of recommendations for FieldworkHub was to improve their header and footer experiences. Refreshing header and footer experiences drove increase product and service discovery. Reducing bounce rates by 10% as customer could easily navigate to where they wanted to.

FieldworkHub Blog management

Managed and maintained the FieldworkHub blog delivering content that not only told a story but delivered on Search Engines.

FieldworkHub Blog Management


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